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What Should I Put There?

Let’s see… you finished your home renovation over a year ago but after looking everywhere, you just haven’t found “the exact right” piece of wall art to complete the look. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy going back and forth to the shops with art pieces that just don’t work. You are struggling with Bare Wall Syndrome and it’s really making you crazy!

The type of artwork you choose for your walls should be a reflection of your personal taste and also fit nicely with the style and scale of the room. It is not likely that you will easily just go out and find pieces that fit all three criteria at once, so don’t get too frustrated.

And don’t settle! You’ve gone through selecting gorgeous flooring and furnishings… the pieces you choose for your wall should be just as thought out and beautifully crafted.

Start by deciding what your goal is for the space. Do you want something that pulls the room together, utilizing the same colour scheme? Or would you like to add a punch of colour to shake up a neutral palette?

These days there are so many great options for getting that perfect piece of art up on your wall. Consider turning a favorite photograph you’ve taken into your Feature piece by having it re-sized and printed on Metal. Or choose a Local Artist’s work and have it custom framed to enhance both the art and your surroundings. Perhaps a Giclée on Canvas with a Floater frame might just do the trick.

It sounds like a lot to figure out but don’t worry - you don’t have to research all the different options yourself – that is what Art + Framing Design Consultants are for. These experts can help you determine the scale your piece should be, whether a single image or a multi-panel would work better in your space and many other factors you may not have thought of. At Urban Decor Centre, our consultants have on average 15 years of experience and the consultation service is complimentary.

All you need is a photo of the space and a few thoughts of the type of imagery you are leaning towards. Taking into consideration your personal taste as well as room style, your Design Consultant will present you with customized options within your budget to choose from.

This process will save you time, stress and money. The result will be a thoughtful, well placed piece you will love!

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