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Fine Art Scanning & Digitizing Artwork Reproduction

OUR NEW FLATBED SCANNER BOASTING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY - To Create the Absolute Best Quality Scans for your Original ArtWorks

 We are very excited to announce that our new Flat Bed VersaScan Scanner has arrived!

Here is how the new scanner will benefit you:


  • Much quicker turn-around times. In many cases we will be able to scan your piece and have the finished file back to you within one business day

  • Exceptional accuracy in colour

  • Produces 600 x 1200 dpi TRUE Optical - the highest resolution possible


  • Equipped with a newly designed scanning technology called VISUAL 3D. The capture is able to beam several different lighting angles within the same area resulting in a 3 dimensional look. Depth of field is increased significantly where brush strokes on the reproduction will seem to come alive with texture


  • The LED lighting guarantees harmless illumination for the complete safety of your original works

Please call or email us with any inquires - we look forward to working together

Scanner Laser.jpg
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