Sam Gilchrist

Location: Vancouver, B.C.

Photography: Interests: Landscape & Seascape


Day Job: Ph.D. Student (Pharmaceutical Sciences)



Bio: My name is Sam Gilchrist. I am an amateur photographer currently living in Vancouver, BC. Photography, however, is not my real job. I am enrolled at the University of British Columbia working towards the completion of my Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I stumbled, half by accident, into photography in 2008 when a colleague encouraged me to buy a Nikon DSLR to replace my point-and-shoot. I’ve never looked back.


Photography appeals to me, as a scientist, on a very fundamental level. The central tenet to being a scientist is to search for evidence to explain the ways the world works. Substitute visual evidence for scientific evidence and you’ll quickly realize that photography is no different a science than research. It should explain, in a visual sense, observations and feelings about the world. However, the thing that makes photography interesting is that images are representations of the world as perceived from the person behind the lens.


And thus, no two photographers or two observers will ever perceive any single scene in the same way. The quality of interpretation is what allows us to become consumed in a photo.


I use photography as a medium to express how I see and feel the world. And with a little bit of imagination and creativity, I hope I can create photos that engage both your visual and emotional senses. I hope you enjoy some of what I have to show.


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