Marilyn Hurst

"The joy comes from reaching within and letting the expression flow from the silence."


My work is a menage of life, experience and creative energy and the landscapes, florals, portraiture and expressionist abstracts all reflect the vibrant colours of Mexico and my life as a contemplative.

My mentor and husband, long time artist Chris Mac Clure and I moved to Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico in 1997. We began with a 2nd storey studio which morphed to become the most respected art gallery in Los Cabos. During this time I painted and learned the craft first hand. I have resisted the temptation to attend art workshops as I don't want my own expression to be coloured by other artists' ways of working. Life thrives on change and the transition to becoming an artist has been a tremendous learning curve. I have developed a new found respect for the resolve necessary to make the art profession work for oneself.

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