John Greaves

I have loved photography all of my adult life but not always had the time to pursue it. I remember in my early twenties setting up a darkroom in the tiny bathroom of our sub basement apartment hoping that no one would get desperate while I developed my photos. All of my life people have told me that I have 'an eye' for a good photo and encouraged me to pursue it. My family is now grown, I have the time to pursue photography an activity I enjoy. And best of all we have come into the digital age of photography. I believe this is a good thing as it makes photography accessible to those like me who could ony dream of sharing their creations with the world a reality. It also makes it fun as I don't have to worry about it costing me everytime I click the shutter. I can afford to experiment. And by experimenting improve the photos I have to display. I hope that you enjoy the results of my experiments

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