Dorothy Hilde

I am an amateur photographer who is a native of British Columbia and photography is my passion. My photography is a collection of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and artistic images captured from different areas of Canada and the USA, as well as, some from Central and South America. My partner and I live aboard a 33 foot Buchanan design steel sailboat. We are currently docked on the West Coast in BCs capital city, Victoria with future plans to travel up and down the West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and God Willing around the world!


I use photography to relieve stress and to connect with nature. I love watching the animals and enjoy the serenity of the deep dense forest, the sound of the falling water, and the way the sun sneaks into the ocean at night. I taught myself composition and then I took an online course through The Photography Institute which enabled me to understand how photography is all about the manipulation of light.


I have a strong creative desire and a keen eye for capturing a moment.


If one were to ask me what would I do with a lottery windfall, a substantial inheritance or the alike without hesitation my reply would be 'to sail the world while recording our adventures through the eye of a lens.'

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