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Digital Art Reproduction

Our Large Format digital printing equipment produces high resolution and quality through a Giclée printing process.   Pronounced "Zhee-CLAY", this french term means simply "to spray ink" and is used in reference to artwork and photo reproduction where exceptional accuracy in printing is required. 


Photography:  You can turn your favorite photos into works of art by having us enlarge and print them on archival paper or canvas.  Our editing services can eliminate a shadow or tweak the colours.  Old photographs that may have faded with time can be restored back to their former glory. 


Your Original Artworks:  The Artist in you has created a beautiful original painting or watercolour which many of your family members and friends love.  We can reproduce it for you, from hi-res scanning, editing through to the printing process, professionally and economically.


Corporate:  The artwork on your walls can express your corporate identity and individuality.  Have our photographers (or yours) capture your ideas to create a custom, one of a kind look .  


Send us your digital file (by clicking on the "Art Upload" icon on the bottom) with the specifications you require such as:

• Size preference

• Printing Media (Archival Paper or Canvas)

• Any editing requests


We will be happy to send a quote for your project.


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